As a Boy – Jefferson Navicky

The Binnacle’s Twelfth Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2015

When I was a boy, my grandfather, my grandfather. When I was a boy, I. Lots of them. Row after row, bright and unknowing, neat as ribbons, I saw my selves. I after I, framed beneath glass. On small cards, the names of every I. Long and uneven, eyeballs quivered. I keep them, tick them off. There are never enough, never, of the good. Grandfather. Going. And now? And now? Grandfather put his hand on mine. Long and uneven, I, no, definitely. There they are. There were. We were. Row after row. Surrendered. A dark thing. I want. So much.

Jefferson Navicky’s work has appeared in Quickfiction, Beetroot, Hobart, Birkensnake, The Café Review, and many others. He teaches English at Southern Maine Community College and lives in Freeport, Maine, with his partner, Sarah.

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