Stubborn Ain’t Good – Lisa Ricard Claro

The Binnacle’s Eleventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2014

Stubborn ain’t good and I’m gonna tell you why.
See, there were this field, ten acres of tall grass that Grampa loved.
“Boy,” he said, “there’s memorable things happened in that there field.” He spat his chaw juice, hitched his overalls and tromped off.
Some buildin’ company were gonna plow it up and build a Wally-Mart store. Grampa got his stubborn on and said, “Ain’t nobody diggin’ up nuthin’.”
Well, Grampa plopped hisself in a fold-out chair smack middle of the field with a beer cooler settin’ at his feet, and he wouldn’t blink for them diggin’ machines. A three day rain come and he jest set there gettin’ wet.
Weren’t no one surprised, ’cause Grampa were stubborn.
Rain stopped and he jest set there dryin’ in the sun. Turns out he were three days dead ’fore anyone knew it.
Stubborn. It just ain’t good.

Lisa Ricard Claro is an award-winning short story author with articles and stories spanning multiple media. She resides in Georgia with her husband and dreams of living at the beach. Lisa’s first novel will debut in 2015 with Black Opal Books. Please visit her website at You may also contact Lisa at

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