Reflections – K. S. Dearsley

The Binnacle’s Eleventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2014

“That cloud looks like a baby,” Julie said, nudging Mark to look.
“No… it’s more like a sheep.” He pointed out the head and woolly back.
They walked on, oblivious to the crush of Saturday shoppers. A woman with dark glasses and designer luggage rushed from a swanky hotel and hailed a cab.
“Maybe she’s a spy,” Julie whispered in Mark’s ear, “escaping with a stolen microchip.”
Mark sucked his teeth. “If you ask me, she’s on holiday.”
They lingered outside a jeweller’s window full of engagement rings. Julie bit her lip. How could she marry someone who saw everything so differently? The glass reflected her uncertain face. She saw a plain woman with untidy hair, but Mark saw the only girl for him. He squeezed her hand and smiled.
“I like that one,” she said. “What do you think?”

K. S. Dearsley has an MA in Linguistics and Literature, and has had stories, flash fiction, and poetry published on both sides of the Atlantic. Her fantasy novel, Discord’s Child, is available from Smashwords and Amazon. Find out more at

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