Halloween Story – Irene Gu

The Binnacle’s Eleventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2014

“Halloween,” Matt had said earlier while lecturing, “is juvenile nonsense and consumerism.”
Yet here he was, holding a camera, taking his daughter trick-or-treating.
“Say cheese.”
She scrunched her nose and crossed her arms. He laughed, kissing her.
“When are we going?”
“In a second, Liese; don’t cross the street yet.”
He quickened his pace to grab her hand, but she started running, pink fairy wings bobbing.
“Liese!” he called. She stopped midtrack to look at him.
A heavyset man in a Chevy truck was rushing home with a bag of candy. He could hardly see the little girl through the blinding light of the setting sun.
What Matt saw next was surreal, as if filtered through the yellowing colors of an old camera. In one fluid motion, the truck hit her, tearing the fairy wings off her back.
“LIESE!” he cried, and rushed over.
Liese wasn’t a fairy anymore.

Irene Gu is a senior at Andover High School, class of 2015. Although a student and pianist by day, she is a fervent writer and master solitaire player by night. She hopes to earn a livable wage after majoring in English at a liberal arts college.

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