99942 Apophis – Jonathan Pinnock

The Binnacle’s Eleventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2014

“Only if you give me the moon,” she said.
“I’ll give you the moon and the stars,” I replied, raising my glass.
Obviously I was bluffing. It was Friday, it was warm and sunny, and I was full of tipsy optimism for the weekend. In the event, our relationship progressed no further, but on Monday fate intervened.
“Look!” I said, pointing up at the darkening sky. “I brought you an asteroid!”
She still wasn’t impressed, but I guess it’s possible she didn’t believe me.
The resulting global tsunami wiped out all but two of the Earth’s population. As we clung to the wreckage, I turned to her and raised an eyebrow. She shook her head, and I realised that when she’d said, “Not if you were the last man alive,” she really had meant it.

Jonathan Pinnock is the author of the novel Mrs Darcy Versus the Aliens (Proxima, 2011), the short story collection Dot Dash (Salt, 2012) and the bio-historico-musicological-memoir thing Take It Cool (Two Ravens Press, 2014). He blogs at www.jonathanpinnock.com and tweets as @jonpinnock.