2012 – Fall Edition – Ultra-Short 9

2012-ultra-9PRIZE WINNERS
Erik Svehaug – Married Love, Year Thirty (Poetry)
Cynthia Tracy Larsen – The Loyalty of Legs (Fiction)
Lisa Ricard Claro – A Twisty Thing (Humor)
Jordan Gilletti – Roots (UMM Student)

Rasheeda Azam – The Faithful
Lucy Bacon – Meeting the In-laws
Karen G. Berry – Caught
Christine Bodine – Octogenarians at rest
Devyani Borade – The Ties That Bind
Marcy Campbell – Julia
Carol Carpenter – Strawberry Girl with Heart
Sally Clark – Fresh Baked Bread
Kathleen Clauson – Into the Blue
Sue Ann Connaughton – Maternal Behavior
Tucker Cummings – Ethernet Connection
John Davies – Clothes Make the Man
Robert Davis – Baking
K. S. Dearsley – Plucked from Obscurity
Ellen Denton – He Sleeps
Christina Wos Donnelly – Creation Myth
Joan B Flood – 87
Sue Mayfield Geiger – Cafeteria Couture
Toni Giarnese – Area Closes at Dusk
Donald Gibson – Pineapple
Chad Greene – Uniform First
Louise Hegarty – Requiem
Debbie Okun Hill – Behind Her Back
Liz Hufford – Speed Dating
Christopher L. Irvin – Moon Boots
Julia Jackson – Little Thieves
Shaleen Keshavjee-Gulam – Business
Mara Klecker – Illusion
Jerry Kraft – Reaching
Michelle Lau – new friend
Ellen La Fleche – Chalice of Adoration: Sister Beatrice joins the other nuns for a party in the rec room
Laurie Merritt Larkin – Pie
Robert A. Lindblom – First Impressions
Shawn Marie Mann – Anything for a Sale
R.F. Marazas – Absence, Presence.
Jude Marr – Still Life
Natalie McNabb – Here Lie the Chicken Bones
Amber G. Meade – Reflections
Lyn Michaud – What Memories are Made Of
David Mohan – Thistleseed
Ellen Birkett Morris – Butterfly Maneuvers
Katelyn Morris – Prose Poem
Nora Nadjarian – Tell Me Words
Maureen Paley – Upon Reading an eHow.com Article Titled “How to Publish a Poetry”
Samantha Priestley – Scars
Joel Shulkin – Child’s Play
J. M. Sirrico – Jump
Diane Smith – Interlude
K. Matthew Smith – Days of the Week
Toni Somers – Victims
Dawn Sperber – Finnegan’s Gaze
Paul Weidknecht – Through the Open Window
Nate Worrell – The Butler’s Waltz
Fehmida Zakeer – Snipping with Scissors