2013 – Fall Edition – Ultra-Short 10

2013-ultra-10PRIZE WINNERS
Christopher DeWan – Hoopty Time Machine (Best Prose)
Susan Morse – Determined Fish (Best Poetry)
Christina Wos Donnelly ā€“ Recessional (Best Cadence)
Tiffany Tate – Sleepless (UMM Student Prize)

Ruth Almon – Emmy
Jon Alston – Chickens
Greg Beatty – For That Is Who They Were
F.J. Bergmann – The Ferry
Bill Bibo Jr – What Scares Him
Lynn Bey – A Full Life
Catherine Buckland – Elvis Presley visits Bodmin Moor
Barbara Cionitti – My Mother’s Kitchen
Lisa Ricard Claro – A Mystery Pundit’s Tale
Kathleen Clauson – Past Perfect
Terry Cobb – All the Warning Signs
SuzAnne C. Cole – The Bonfire
Tracy Davidson – Silence on a June Morning, 1944
Don Davis – She Joyfully Runs – Bailey 1992-2004
K. S. Dearsley – Oxygen
Meg Eden – Our First Night
Robert J. Dockery – Dangerous Dalliance
Julie B. Doran – Life & Death
Lauren E. Fields – Case Number 15 (Stillbirth)
Toni Giarnese – My Heart Unto Yours is Knit
Mel Goldberg – Rosa
T’Mara Goodsell – The Substitute
Chad Greene – College Girlfriend
Tracy Grimaldi – To The Rescue
Tania Hershman – All Their Hands
Jules Jacob – Today’s Schedule
Caitlin Sinead Jennings – Passing the Time
James A. Knoop – Your Point?
Debra Kirouac – Dad
Alex Miller – Smoking and Other Bad Decisions
David Mohan – The Grief Schism
Muriel Nelson – Just Sayin’
Edward Palumbo – Change
Samantha Priestley – If No One Sees My Body
Douglas Pugh ā€“ Yellow Sweater
Timothy Russell – Refrigerator
Lynn Veach Sadler – Let Monster with Monster Come to Parle
Wayne Scheer – In the Parking Lot
Shannon Schuren – At 3 a.m.
Hayley Solomon – A beauty I could never be (Ode to my manicurist)
Toni Somers – Tubal Pregnancy
JC Sullivan – A New York Minute
Erik Svehaug – Severed Dreams
Beverley Teague – Let My People Go
Anne Thompson – Heat Wave
Lisa Tiffin – Malpractice
Eric Troyer – Lucky Miss
Donna L. Turello – Sunken
John A. Vanek – Disoriented
Paul Weidknecht – Repeat Visit
Curtis A. Weyant – Abrimiento
Gary Winters – glitter and be gay