2016 – Fall Edition – Ultra-Short 13

2016-ultra-13PRIZE WINNERS
Mara Buck – Tuna (Humor)
K. S. Dearsley – Weather or Not (Fantasy)
Meg Eden Kuyatt – Snakeskin (Poetry)
Caroline Michalicki – Covered (Prose)
Jenna Pashley Smith – Love Story (Poetic Prose)

Greg Beatty – A Second Job
AN Block – Pale Blue Corduroy Shirt
Barbara Brockway – Ancestry
Sarah Carleton – If you can read this
Vic Cavalli – The Young Suitor
Sally Clark – Prayer in Public Schools
Kathleen Clauson – Water Witch
Graves Collins – What’s So Bad About Dark and Stormy Nights?
SuzAnne C. Cole – A Shaker Auction
Charlie Coleman – Kiss Off
Sue Ann Connaughton – Perpetual Calendar
Barry Claude Dearborn – The Spoiler
donnarkevic – About a Girl
Christina Wos Donnelly – Men Who Run with Bees
J.C. Elkin – To a Child at Enlightenment
Deirdre Feehan – From Candeli
Monique Finley – Surprising Affairs
Jan M. Flynn – Toro
Jennifer L. Freed – Litter, 1959
Tracy L. Grimaldi – Callie’s Bell
Linda Flaherty Haltmaier – Deflated
Debbie Okun Hill – Pashmina
Freya Jackson – Dido Awakens
Barbara Johnson – What We Do
Debra Kirouac – A New Old Love Story
Clyde Liffey – Abnegation
Ginger Marcinkowski – The Driver Looked Left
Doug Mathewson – Skill Sets
Elizabeth Mayfield – Cracked Eggs and Voices
Carol Dee Meeks – Suspension of Respiration
Hallie Moore – After Wars, After the NYC Black Out, After Super Bowl
Beki Muchow – The Gift
Lee Nash – Oil and Cotton
Neal Allan Olmstead – Mammon
Michelle Perez – Blizzard Conditions
Maria Picone – cat: a google search
Adrian S. Potter – Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before
Francine Rubin – Subway Aubade
Katherine Sanger – Immaculate Conception
Bendi Benson Schrambach – Normal
Maureen Sherbondy – Lettuce Head
Stephanie Slinn – Motherhood
Carol Smallwood – We Select
Erik Svehaug – Walking the Dog
Rachel Thorn – Home
Shannon Camlin Ward – Wild Strawberries
Carolyn Weisbecker – Isn’t She a Beauty?”
Chi Wen – True Love
Jon Zelazny – Expert Opinion