2005 – Spring Edition

Understanding My Muse
Robin M Buehler

The Music in Her Head
Larry Caldwell

Good Morning
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen

Hindu Monk and Celibacy
Raghbir and Doris Dhillon

Strength of the Slender
Stefanie Freele

Bringing Home Peace
Deborah (Gillespie) Route

Hot Dog Poem
Mount Holyoke
Andrey Gritsman

Louisiana Boys
The Dancer
Mary Hamrick

Jane Austen Is No James Jones
David Jordan

Knuckles of Doom
Thomas Juvik

My Funeral
Paul R. Klein

Mortal Seasons
The Nest
Kelly Malone

The Book of Executicus
Robert McGuill

In My Imaginary World
To Dettner
Diana M. Raab, RN, MFA

Until Your Return: Mac and Claire
Kenneth Ryan

Family Matters
Wayne Scheer

The Imagined Death of Henry Schmidt
Daniel Smith

Mountains and Oceans
Peter Tieryas

Jay Williams