2007 – Spring Edition

2007-spring2nd Tuesday in March
AT Perkins

Hilary Thibodeau

Moth to Flame
Hilary Thibodeau

Act Like No One’s Watching
Robert Villanueva

Left Standing at the Altar
Kevin Brown

Snow Days
Kevin Brown

On Painting Blue Fusion
Charles Brooks

The Sign
Donald Kern

The Tunnel
Kelly Schultz

The World Today
Jane Summer

San Francisco Evening
Marc Elihu Hofstadter

Bobbi Lurie

Juanita Finds Her Beauty on Picture Day
Carol Hattrup

You’re Always Shopping for Shoes
Carol Hattrup

The Visitation
Matthew Nagin

The Guitar
Kathleen Campbell

North Star
Matthew Shaw

1st Trophy Wife
Lori Milken

Flesh Bait
John Fitzpatrick

Behind the Butterflies
Randall Brown

Jean Plummer