2011 – Spring Edition

Claude Bachand

At Elmer’s Pond (Haibun)
Ray Beal

Reinventing the Neighbors
James M. Bellarosa

Extreme Extrovert Recklessly Decides to Forgive Everyone Everything
Chrissy Benson

The Persimmon Tree
Mark A. Bowers

The Tenth Circle of Miami
John F. Buckley and Martin Ott

The Hole in the Front Porch
Nancy A. Caldwell

Whispering the Colors
Tobi Cogswell

Thirty Years
Hugh Fox

Even in Paved Dallas
John Glass

Checked Out
Alexandra Glorioso
At the Entrance to the Underworld
Jonathan Greenhause

Norm Hendricks

Dirty Hands
Jules Jacob

Nowhere, Maine
Cynthia Larsen

Redeeming (Water Street, Ellsworth)
The Gift
Carl Little

This Evening
Lennart Lundh

Joseph’s Story
Chuck Lyons

A World of Light and Shadow
A. D. Martinez

To the Girl Who Makes the Coffee
Nicholas Montefusco

From Behind Glass
Samantha Priestley

You Are Not Dead
Further Dreams
Bunny Richards

A Perfect Crime
Mark Reutlinger

Ian C Smith