2012 – Spring Edition

2012-springCezarija Abartis
Fifth Avenue

Lucile Barker
Velvet Pants

Charlie Brooks
First Base

Julie Canfield
The Dream

Liz Dolan
The Highest Good

Colin Fleming
Padraig, Lorcan, Scorpion, Frog

Christopher Gould
Fall Mixer

Deborah Guerra
The Woodpecker

Anne Hosansky

David Lewitzky

Hector Lopez
Close Relations

Lennart Lundh
Mother and Child

John Norris
Mind the Gap
A Poem Borrowed

Karen Surman Paley
The Great Roasted Butternut Squash Adventure

Carl Palmer
Missing Michael Magee

Vishnu Rajamanickam
The Fall

David Robbins

Peter Schwartz
variations on the theme of ‘bed’

Carol Smallwood
Wood’s “American Gothic” (1930)

Kevin Smith
Dented Furniture

Adam Sullivan
Great Expectations

Jon Wesick
Nagarjuna and Jacques Derrida Went into a Bar