2013 – Spring Edition

2013-springKarl Braymore

Charlie Brooks
A Slice of Death

Chantal Maria Carter
Cut the Apple
Touch My Body

Graves Collins
Equisetum and Sweet Potatoes

Sunny Cook
The Pine Barrens
Summer Without a Plan
Skin Deep

Darren C. Demaree
A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #158

Maria Fedina
The Great Blizzard of 1888

Timothy Franklyn
Asparagus Queen

Siani Henriques
Last Night

F. X. James

Giorgina Liguori
Wishful Thinking

Lennart Lundh
Snow White Speaks in the Confessional
Articles of Faith

Heidi Brown Lynn
I Aint Puttin’ That in My Mouth…Again

Aldo Morazán
Keeping Afloat

James B Nicola

Lance Nizami

Linda J Nordquist
Little Big Man

Richard King Perkins II
A Wary Distance

Kathryn Povey

Samantha Priestley
The Handprint Child

Marvin Shackelford
These Days

Tim Suermondt
Tim Suermondt, Winner of the Nobel Prize

Ish Talmadge
These Roses

Heather Wyatt
Full of Grace
Her Mouth
Hide and Seek
Holding Your Breath

Jennifer Yu
love is a verb in the title: love life

Changming Yuan
Y: An Alphabetic Allusion
Natural Confrontations