2015 – Spring Edition

2015-springLA Redux on an Ancient Parable
Good Woman Gone
Jeffrey C. Alfier

Domesticity Undone
Sleepwalking, Skinning Trees
A Painting: The Loss of Virginity
Loralee Clark

The Inviolable Hours
Amber Rose Crowtree

Eunice Memory
Richard Dokey

Road Kill
Liz Dolan

Austerity Measures
Emily Eckart

One Night at Ehin’s
Lynn Eckerle

Regrets Only
Linda Griffin

A Thunderous Pause
I Am Violet
A.J. Huffman

Heaven Is a Place Not on Earth
Leah Kaminsky

Faulkner at the P.O.
Morning After
Rothko No. 8, 1952
Lori Lamothe

The Guitar Case
Gino Laurenzi

The Old Man Talks to His Wife
On a Day He’ll Always Remember
Lennart Lundh

Three Poems about Childhood
Surrealistic Dog
Ivan de Monbrison

Other People
Bobby O’Rourke

Joseph Rathgeber

A Psychological Hx Of Clark Kent
Joseph Reich

Cluck Cluck
Marc Swan