2004 – Ultra-Short 1


Greg Beatty – Tell It Again (First Place, Prose)
Jim Hiner – Celebration For Dylan Thomas’ Crafty Death (First Place, Poetry)
Another Reason to Quit – Avery Elzmyth (Second Place, Poetry)
Alysson B. Parker – Simulacrum (Second Place, Prose)
Stephanie Curcione – Easter Sunday (UMM Student)
Ellen Birkett Morris – When Jackson Pollock Met Julia Child (Editor’s Choice)
Swapna Kishore – Down the Road (Editor’s Choice)

Steve Cross – Home
Jacqueline Seewald – There Was An Old Woman
Margaret B. Davidson – Psychiatry Gone to Hell
Robert Bradley – A Family
J. R. Salling – Sugar Water
Don Mahan Durbin – In Memoriam
Liesl Jobson – If Only Marilyn Could Have Learned From Her Mistakes
Anikó J. Bartos – “Good people, please help me.”
Raquelle Azran – Love
Anna Evans – Road Movie
Robert Craig – Traffic Circle
Lisa McMann – Hardball
Chad Redden – Omar
Chris Crittenden – Seagull Dance
Molli Robey – My Mind the Bath Tub
Frances Drabick – Throttled
Phillip Good – Pussy Willows
David Jordan – Dead Ringer on a Roller Coaster
Peggy Duffy – First Blush
Shelly Rich – Homeland Security
Pat Detmer – Yet Another Bed
Beth McMurray – Dawn’s Diet
F.J. Bergmann – Years Later
Audrey Dench – Anniversary
M. Kelly Lombardi – Dark Haired Woman with the Gold Front Tooth
Charlie Cameron – The Knife Sharpener
Donald Crane – At 82
Frank Marenghi – Comfort Drive
Suzanne Martins – Nine
Elizabeth Crabtree – Fermata
William Blaine “Jim” Durbin – Blue and Gold
Scott Ravede – Memory Loss Solution
Gary Cadwallader – Maggie Knows
Katrina Martin – My Most Memorable Family Car Trip
Judi Rowena – The Robe
Anneka Beatty – The Dream
Shelby Goddard – The Tree Who Hit the House
Avital Gad-Cykman – Allies
Tgarma – After Salome’s Dance
Anna Evans – Erotica
Jim Hiner – Wintry Singing
Chris Crittenden – Tiger Spring
Liesl Jobson – Prometheus’s Child
Dennis Boyd – Freedom’s Uniform
Sonya Carver – Fat
Wayne Peters – Forcing Spring
Holly Iossa – Sunset/Moonrise