2005 – Ultra-Short 2

2005-ultra-2PRIZE WINNERS
Suzanne LaFetra – Hot and Heavy (Grand Prize)
Carol Carpenter – Mourning Papers (First Prize – Poetry)
Jackson Lassiter – The Cold Truth (First Prize – Prose)
Lindsay Davis – Painted Sunset (Top UMM Work)
Mark Budman – Half-Moon in Dominica (Top Digital Image)

Rebecca Beasley – How Do We Move?
Greg Beatty – I Call the Dying Lucky
Alice Berger – Magic Chocolates
F.J. Bergmann – All She Needs
b. lynch black – Indicia
Christine Bodine – To My Poetry Craft Instructor
Cynthia A. Bowen – Sea Glass
April Bulmer – Moons
Clara Chandler – Saxophone Man
Kathleen Clauson – Ten Quarters, Five Dimes, Two Nickels
Amy Cobb – Surreal
Robert M. Craig – Manna from Heaven
Diane E. Dees – Canna Mania
Jennifer DiCamillo – Sierra Summer
Betty Dobson – The Last Time I Saw Lisa
Edward Orville Durbin – The Curse of the Centaur
William Blaine Durbin – Adagia And Rondor
Chudy Ebiringa – Murdered By Death
R. N. Ferguson – The Ghost Quilt
James Finnegan – Government Program
Amina Hafiz – Carrot Cake and Stretch Marks
Margaret Ellis Hill – Triptych Of A Tree
Joel Hoffschneider – A Scene from a Life Time
Louisa Howerow – Soap
David Jordan – Halloween Lingerie
b. kanoa – october 30th
Michael A. Kechula – The Fleece Jacket
Abigail Kelly – The Depth of an Hour
Tracy Koretsky – Community Property
William I. Lengeman III – Man Bites God
Emily Spreng Lowery – The Grass is Always Pinker
Josh Maday – Unemployment Daydream, Over a Fryin’ Pan
Suzanne Martins – Americanka
Jeanine Durbin McMahon – For The Boy
Tessa Smith McGovern – Red
U–Meleni Mhlaba – Feelings Are Only Temporary
Neeldhara Misra – Bloom
Nancy Olwen Morrey – His Old Shirt
Ellen Birkett Morris – Dark of the Moon: Ocracoke, N.C.
Kate Nicoll – Rage Unspoken
Patricia Parkinson – Fleurs de Lis
Janet Paszkowski – That’s What They Say
Adrian S. Potter – There’s Something About Mary Ann
John Ravenscroft – An Ice House
Frances Reddick – Millinery
Shelly Rich – Last Night at the Rodeo
Margaret Rozga – Elk
Kenneth Ryan – Sure Thing
Susan Sabia – Slice of Life
Lynn Veach Sadler – Begging Miss Emily’s Pardon
Kay Sexton – County Court Digest: Man bites God
Diane P. Smith – Oh Foreign Turn
Patricia A. Smith – The Way to a Man’s Heart
Maryanne Stahl – The Secret Key Society
Judy W. Swann – The Bus Ride
H.Masud Taj – Yellow
Scott Carmichael – Funday Bay