2006 – Ultra-Short 3

2006-ultra-3PRIZE WINNERS
Clara Chandler – Eden (Grand Prize)
Sally Bellerose – Memere Does Time in the Shirtwaist Factory (Poetry)
Paula Boon – Winter’s End (Prose)
Gary Bushee – I Sing the Body Caloric (UMM Student)

Hal Ackerman – Pentimento
Julie Adams – Skin of Manyoshu
Robin M. Allen – Make a Wish
Raquelle Azran – He, She and They
Yakov Azriel – Painting “The Murder of Abel”
Greg Beatty – Anti-corporeal Activities
F.J. Bergmann – Astroculture
William Blaine – The Brightest Light
Mark Budman – Cat’s Magic
Stace Budzco – Top of the Hour
Cheryl Chambers – Halved Hands
Arthur Chappell – A Marriage of Other People’s Convenience
SuzAnne C. Cole – The Woman Whose Husband Did Nothing
Robert M. Craig – History Lesson
Chris Crittenden – Butterfly
Diane Elayne Dees – Cleaning the Astoria
Ashley De Meo – The Man on the Pedestal
Betty Dobson – Scrape Rattle Bang
Don Mahan Durbin – Mala Fides: Jane v. John
Edward Durbin – A Cheesy Kindness
Anne Earney – Goodbye
Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Clifford Garstang – Tornado Weather
Amina Hafiz – When Jake
Mary Hamrick – An Image of a Single Woman
Emily Heebner – Art
Dave Kessler – One Never Knows
Debra Grace Khattab – desert sacrifice
Ed Kline – Ebb Tide
Ellen LaFleche – Working in the Ashland Mill during World
Joyce Laird – After The Storm
Jeanne Lesinski – Personal Pompeii
Hanqing Li – The ATM Machine
Jeanne Lilly – Thanks and Praises-
Robert A. Lindblom – A Chance Meeting
Cheryl Loetscher – Einstein’s Parrot
Laura Loomis – Quitting Time
Christina Lovin – attraction:
Emily Lowery – Crushing Problems
Adrianne Marcus – The World Cares Nothing of War
Tessa Smith McGovern – Sunday Roast
Jeanine Durbin McMahon – Cancer Crab
Helen Meikle – Fantasy on a Theme of Two Doves.
Ellen Birkett Morris – [Untitled]
Cami Park – Word of Mouth
Fern Polsky-Hilyard – Coop(ed)
Caroline Robinson – Broken Glass.
Aline Soules – Blank Slate
Tania Rochelle – God’s Love Is Like Duct Tape
Kenneth Ryan – The Office
Diane P. Smith – Mon Ami
Mary Rudbeck Stanko – August Rendezvous
Michael Ernest Sweet – nude
Ania Vesenny – Love Child
Donna Vineyard – Patron of the Arts