2007 – Ultra-Short 4

2007-ultra-4PRIZE WINNERS
Some Things Haven’t Changed – Jeannine Dobbs (Poetry)
Strawberry – Didi Wood (Prose)
Enchanted Ocean – Lynda Barnes (UMM Student)

God is Love – Lisette Alonso
After the Wreck – Tricia Barker
Untitled – Christina Beasley
Exterrogation – Greg Beatty
Strangers in the Night – Eva Bell
Instead – F.J. Bergmann
Picnic and Paddleball – Casey Brockelman
Li Po Writes of Wine – Salvatore F. Buttaci
The Pasture – Bonnie Jo Campbell
The Pet – Donia Carey
Rub Out – Carol Carpenter
I Hear the Ocean Singing – Will Carpenter
…ound And Round And Round And Round And Rou… – Arthur Chappell
Soul-eater – Kathleen Clauson
The Call of the Siren – SuzAnne C. Cole
Yesterday’s Shadow – Ramon Collins
The Apple-Knocker – Temple Cone
Feeling Mexico – Sion Dayson
Katrina Song – Diane Elayne Dees
It Becomes Second Nature in Time – Michael Falcone
Daniel – Diane S. Fuller
Reply to someone who said my poems are all Sad – Timothy Gager
Beauty Mark – Jackie Gamber
Cat Lover – Janelle Garcia
The Ox – Clifford Garstang
From a Café, June 2006 – Bernadette Geyer
My Bigger Toe – Raymond Grant
The Dead Soldiers Of Antietam, 1862 – John Guzlowski
The Hand – Tania Hershman
touch relics – Bobbi Dykema Katsanis
Birdsong – Clare Kirwan
Our Last Supper as Husband and Wife – Ellen LaFleche
No Soap – Catherine J.S. Lee
The Gift – Robert A. Lindblom
Dare Devil – Ellen Lindquist
Open Mic Night at the Chemistry Club – Josh Maday
Octopus – Barbara Malcolm
Oh, To Be Thin – Tessa Smith McGovern
Red – Mitzi McMahon
Tenses of Being – Margot Miller
A Case of Mistaken Identity – Ellen Birkett Morris
Sometimes, Completely – Alysson B. Parker
Social Studies – Patricia Parkinson
Simple Needs – Adrian S. Potter
Rook Wine – Caroline Robinson
Signal Breakup – Stephen D. Rogers
Seven In The Morning – Max Ruback
Passion Fruit – J. R. Salling
Devil Dog – Katherine Sanger
Someone Important – Wayne Scheer
Stray – Susanne Shaphren
When She Let Her Hair Hang Down – GC Smith
Irrevocable – Kelly Spitzer
After Heavy Wetting – Barbara A Taylor
Wing-ed Girl – Hilary Thibodeau