2008 – Ultra-Short 5

2008-ultra-5PRIZE WINNERS
Elizabeth Kerlikowske – Social Graces (Grand Prize)
Ellen Birkett Morris – The Big Oak in the Front Yard (Poetry)
Laurelyn Whitt – Overheard in Di’s Country Diner (Prose)
Mike Lachance – Say Goodbye for Me (UMM Student)
Diane Elayne Dees – Women Write Poems About Mrs. Woolf (Editor’s Choice – Poetry)
Maureen A. Sherbondy – Papercut (Editor’s Choice – Prose)

Kelli Russell Agodon – Fear of Divorce, Age Seven
Susan Ames – “In Love”
Shannon Anthony – A Decision
Nina Bayer – Diagnosis Dance
Greg Beatty – On a Dark and Moonless Night
F.J. Bergmann – Luna
Louis E. Bourgeois – The Stone Lion
Gary Cadwallader – Witch
Jane Christensen – Investors Are Frightened by Today’s Market
Temple Cone – How It Happens
Linda Courtland – Identity Theft
Elly Cummens – Peapods
Carol Leonetti Dannhauser – Show Down
Barry Dearborn – Chances Lost
Mark DeCarteret – Shot
Ivan Faute – Circa Thus
June Payne Flath – Untitled
Andy Fogle – A Sub Shop in Latham
Liz Foster – After a Night of Working Third Shift
Clifford Garstang – Headlong
Christine Gehrmann – Dreams
Toni Giarnese* In 1898 my grandmother: Maria Giovanna Colangelo
Christopher Goodrich – For My Daughter, When She is Born
Caitlin Hawes – The Golden Sticker
Kyle Hemmings – The Violinist’s Complaint
Tania Hershman – Thin Ice
Ruhi Jiwani – Laughter
Adrian Kane – Red Curtain
Sue Kanhai – 2 a.m.
Ellen LaFleche – The Fisherman’s Widow
Monica Landy – Spooning
Elizabeth Langemak – Meditations on Moving Water
William I. Lengeman III – The Old One
Adam Lilienthal – Notice How
Robert A. Lindblom – Picture of a Con
Tessa Smith McGovern – Just Like That
Terry McKee – A Summer’s Tale
Roger Midgett – The Waning
Micaela Myers – Baby Doll
Sally R. Petersen – A Dead Day
Jessica Piazza – Lilapsophobia
Jamie Quatro – We are the Ones
Margaret Rozga – An onion, a clove of garlic, the heart
Jenny Sadre-Orafai – Pushing Past
Mark Schynert – Eight Seconds
Marisa Silver – In The Paper
Melissa Smith – The Garbagemen Get It
Erik Svehaug – Butterfly Bride
Pamela Tarlow-Calder – Photograph of Mary
Linda Therber – Cadenced
Ateet Tuli – Time
Sylvia Woods – Why I Want to Meet  the Town Whore