2010 – Ultra-Short 7

Emily Jiang – Wedding Song (Prose)
Toni Giarnese – Dancing (Poetry)
Bunny Richards – Lions in Winter (UMM Student)

Adrian S. Potter – Incantation
Alan C. Baird – Hack
Anne Earney – Blue
Barb McMakin – Hopscotch
Barbara Fleming Phillips – First Day of High School
Britt Kaufmann – Last Song
Caroline Michalicki – Underground Spudway
Christina Beasley – How the Natural Collects the Divine
Colin Meldrum – House-sitting
Daphne Nichols – Ed and Dorie, 2009
David Jack – There Ance Wis A Laddie Ca’d John – A Scots Limerick
David Mohan – Before the Lights Went Out
David Ochs – All in a day
David Yost – Homeostasis
Debbie Okun Hill – Lying on a Beach Blanket Too Long
Diane Smith – The Rodeo
Donna L. Turello – Miracle
Ed Parrot – Tiburon
Ellen LaFleche – Jesús, the Miner of Gold
Emily Spreng Lowery – The Birthday Party
Fehmida Zakeer – Auspicious Numbers
Gay Degani – What’s Left
Geoffrey Hoffman – Ruth among the Teacups
Graves Collins – Ghormley, My Shamrock Heritage
Harold Bauld – Trivium
Hema Raman – Go Figure
Jari Thymian – From the Other Side
Jiayan Yu – Dormant
John Gosslee – The Paradise Birds
Josh Byer – A Rough Idle
K. S. Dearsley – The Case of the Geometric Pattern
Kathleen Rivera – Cloud Watching
Kelly O’Neill – In a Moment
Lori Pollard-Johnson – Easy It Ain’t
Lynda La Rocca – The Houseguest
Margot Zucker Mindich – Coming In On the Fire Island Ferry 1977
Max Speed – Hands Off
Meg Eden – Names
Mimi Liberman – Seasonally Tragic
Mitchell Noel Kelly – Off the Top of Your Head
Myra Merritt – Beyond
Patti Jazanoski – As Jehovah Is My Witness
Petra Angelen – My Secret Aunt Who Never Was
Pervin Saket – Neighbors
Philip Sultz – The Speck
Rachel Cordasco – (R)evolution
Robert Craig – A Gig to be Missed
Russell Marsh – Late Shift
Ruth Almon – The Change
Samantha Priestley – The Talent
Sue Ann Connaughton – An Elegant Revenge
SuzAnne C. Cole – Pyramids
Vanessa Gebbie – Swarf
Viccy Adams – Past Contempt